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◆ Geographical advantages it is located in Linyi, the capital of logistics and a famous commercial city, with convenient transportation and extending in all directions. It is located in the hinterland of husbandry in East China. It has great resource advantages, suitable climate and four distinct seasons. It is suitable for the breeding of special fur animals. The fur produced here is often bigger in size, excellent color and dense. The breeding varieties of special fur animals in this region is comprehensive and includes almost all breeds, large-scale and good quality, ranking first in China.

◆ Technical advantages: the company has continuously introduced advanced fur processing technology and equipment, strengthened exchanges with industry and foreign experts, and formed its own unique fur processing and tanning skills. The whole industrial chain model from rawhide processing to dyeing. Being renown and having a leading position in the industry, we have driven the tremendous development of the breeding industry, and has been highly praised by high-end customers both local and international.

◆ Brand advantages: We became the first enterprise in China that has passed the examination of the certification trademark of "genuine leather logo ecological fur", and had passed the ISO9000 quality management system certification. Cooperation with Bosden, Tambor, Canada goose and other well-known brands worldwide has been highly notable.