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  • Shandong Hengtai fur products Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996, with fixed assets of 1 billion yuan, occupying an area of more than 500 acres. Its enterprises are involved in rawhide production and processing, fur clothing, goods trading, fur trading market, logistics and storage, healthcare, education.
    Our company brings together a talented team, with advanced technology, first-class quality and whole industry chain service. Now we are the largest, most influential and most professional fur company in Asia. Since the establishment of the company, we have received tremendous support from leaders and government officials of the central, provincial, municipal, county and other various levels.
    As an effort to strengthen the fur industrial chain, we invested 150 million yuan to build the “East China fur trading market” in 2011.
  • Which is the only high standard and large-scale fur trading market in Shandong Province. In 2013, the “East China fur trading market” was awarded the honorary title of "national leather professional model market" by the China Leather Association and the honorary title of national "Model Market". The market has maintained the order of competition in the industry and promoted the healthy and sustainable development of the fur industry. So far, twelve sessions of the “Linyi international fur trading conference” has been successfully held. The conference provides booths for fur breeders and fur merchants free of charge and a series of activities that are enriching. Also, through the help of “East China fur newspaper” and “Fur Information Platform” to advertise, we created business opportunities, led the market direction as well as initiating a normative, sustainable and standardized development of the fur industry and brought the fur industry in the new era.
  • July 2013, the Linyi Municipal government document "Implementation Opinions on accelerating the construction of a strong city with modern animal husbandry" (lzf [2013] No.17) put forward the goal of building Linyi into the fur capital of China in four years, requesting Hengtai fur to continue improving the production capacity. Through technical transformation, we have completed the project of processing 10 million high-grade fur annually, new technologies and equipment have been used to upgrade eco-green products. At the same time, cleaner production has been actively carried out, energy conservation and emission reduction have been improved. A total investment of more than 30 million yuan has been invested in the construction of sewage treatment stations to treat production and domestic sewage and ensure stable and up to standard discharge, which has been praised by the leaders of the central, provincial and municipal environmental departments.
  • The company has been rated as "Top 100 enterprises in China's light industry" by China Light Industry Association and "Top 10 enterprises in China's leather industry" by China Leather Industry Association for many years. The CEO of our company is awarded with various prestigious positions, for instance the of vice chairman of the “fur Professional Committee of China Leather Association”, the vice chairman of “China special Breeding Association”, the chairman of “Shandong Fur Association” and the president of “Linyi Fur Association”. The company is awarded the certificated trademark of “genuine leather logo ecological fur” in China; this is the first certificate among whole of China. The famous trademark of Shandong Province and the “demonstration subject of municipal agricultural new six industries”. It is the eighth batch of agricultural industrialization leaders and municipal garden-enterprises in Linyi city.